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Predictive Analytics

Identify your patients at risk of falling ill before they do

Population Risk Management

Mitigate patient risk by allowing them to access curated health services in a hyperlocal geography

Machine Learning

TiiiP gets smarter every time a patient is assessed and referred appropriately - learning the risks and appropriate treatments in your population 

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For Insurance Companies

Allow TiiiP to help you identify when your members are about to submit a disability claim before they do. Letting you know which members are at risk, for what and the level of urgency, while allowing your account managers to divert and minimize their risk by connecting them to health providers in the community.


For Health Organizations

Don't bother treating patients who are already sick, find out when they are at risk of experiencing complications before they fall ill and connect them appropriately to other community providers. Limiting the strain on doctors and resources. 

 Our Mission

To empower a health care system that focuses on

prevention as a form of treatment


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